Skin Care Tips in Summer

The excess heat causes the skin to lose moisture and become dry. There are three types of skin in birth. Normal skin, dry skin and oily skin. Sun and dust are the big enemies of soft and refreshing skin. The burns of the sun sit very quickly on the skin. Acne occurs on the face of the garbage dirt, and the skin becomes thick and the skin is covered with stains. Not only that, there can be many problems with sweating and sweating. Sometimes it can be seen from the rash. If the skin becomes dry, the flexibility of the skin decreases, and when the flexibility decreases, cracks on the skin and the appearance of aging is reflected in the appearance.

There may be many skin problems in this summer. And those whose skin is oily, their sufferings should be even more. Due to sweating, everyone is uncomfortable, but there may be problems even after stopping external dust-dust from oily skin on oily skin. Many people suffer from acne problems And make sure to stay up to make-up.

Skin Care Tips in Summer
Face Wash: In the summer the skin needs to be more careful about cleanliness. For this, you can use glycerin-rich soap or cleaner or face. However, moisturizing cleanser is best in summer. Oily skin is more difficult in summer. Oil glands become active due to oil becoming more and more, they can get better results if they use medicated fats.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is the most needed day in summer. If you get out of the sun, you should use sunscreen lotion, especially for flexible skin under the eyes, use a non-oiled sunscreen for pediatric succussion and oily skin. If you go out of the sun, then use sunscreen lotion. When using sunscreen lotion, be sure to keep the sun protection factor SPF at least 15. Waterproof sunscreen can also be used.

Cream: Always use cream to get rid of dry skin and to get rid of diarrhea. Of course, you can use baby lotions instead of cream. But in the summer, cream should be oilless. Otherwise cream excess oil will create more problems in the summer.

Those who sweat on the skin of the skin, they will benefit from eating nymphs. Eat tamarind food. If sweeter more then use a pomegranate soda with tolokum powder.
The skin becomes dry in summer. So it is important to imbify rupee. If the skin is oily, then face should be cleaned repeatedly. Pour the cucumber bata and mushuri dal bata and paste it after 15 minutes after washing it. You can cut the face of oil on your face.

Glap petals, lentils, milk, and paste in 2/3 hours and apply sandalwood powder to the skin. Then wash with the help of cold water, the skin will be smooth. Besides, Kamalelabur juice works like a moisturizer. You can use it to clean your face with milk and flour mixed with it. If there is excessive dizziness, clean the skin while sleeping at night and massage the skin with a jelly on the skin. Wash in the morning will benefit. Can be used throughout the year.

Lauer juice, melon juice of watermelon juice and rub the face. As soon as the sun burns away, your skin will become bright. Oily skin swells rapidly and the dirt quickly absorbs. To get rid of this problem, you should eat the juice of the juice of sesame seeds, half a teaspoon of lemon juice, mix half a tablespoon of rose water and after half an hour wash it with lotion. Make at least four-five days a week.

Many hit skin rush on the skin. To avoid the hit rash, add yellow or nimapata bowl to the skin on the skin. Apart from this, you can add tartar leaves and rice powder mixed with a little lava. It will not be rash and skin brightness will also increase.

There is a little bit of oil on the skin in the hot summer. To remove excess oil, remove boiled oats, white egg white, lemon juice and whipped apple together. Wash after 15 minutes with cold water.

Tomato juice, raw green juice, broccoli flour mixed with mouth, neck and neck to remove skin spots for the skin due to the strong heat of the sun. Wash and wash with pink. Pour raw milk, lemon juice, ripe papaya, sandalwood, rose petals together and paste them on the whole skin, light massage. Find good results.

Tips:Must use sunscreen lotions when you leave the room. Also do not forget to wear sunglasses and umbrellas. It does not have to be extra careful, internal care is needed. To stay healthy, plenty of vegetables, fruits and at least 10-12 glasses of water will be required.
At this time, our digestive system is weak, so avoid gravy foods. Do not eat sour, fry, and very hot food.

Avoid eating pancakes. Do not forget to take sunglasses before leaving the room. Sunglasses protect your eyes from sunlight as well as bring you a smart look.As you can not wash your face frequently, you can keep facial tissues as well. If you remove your face with facial tissue at work, you will feel very fresh and fresh.

Lemon juice can be a great beverage for your health. Mix a little salt and sugar in the bowl. Sugar will give strength, and salt will fill you with the sweat out of sweat from your body. Vitamin C contains lemon Vitamin C will return this summer to your likeliness.

The need to get rid of hot conditions is the change in your habits. Change yourself. Look at the skin. A few alerts will make your skin even more interesting.
The level of bronchitis increases. You can eat three to four times per year, water for two to three times and two or three raw yellow and sugar cane powder to avoid acne. Always keep the face clean. Nimpata, turmeric, perpetuity, and mulatna together with soil mixed with paste can benefit.

Keep the skin clean. Clean the regular facial skin. Try to wash your face repeatedly during your own well-being due to the discomfort caused by sweat and oily skin.
Take two drops of water in the washable water, you can get fresh feeling. If you are able to adapt your skin to the fashionable items available to buy, then you can use it. Bathing at least twice a day. After bathing in hot water, you can bathe in water, so that you can avoid various microbial infections.
You can use submersible soap. If you use powder, you will clear it by the end of the day.
The makeup will be as such- Whether the cosmetics should be used, it must be water-based or waterproof. That means no cosmetics that are more likely to be oil-based or oil-based. The foundation is very low. There is no harm when the FaceDown is running. It should be fitted with an aleiner, so that it does not get wiped even after wiping it.

To remove Blackheads: Make a grainy pack by mixing rice powder with water or milk and mixing it with sugar and apricot fruit bowl. Add the face to the face. After drying, remove from the towel with a wet towel.

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