Simple tips to keep skin brightness in Summer

With the change of nature and seasons, everything in this world changes. Summer fruits, vegetables, costumes, such as in the winter season; Winter things are not available in the rainy season. Our body is covered by skin. And the skin is protecting us from various problems. So we should always keep this skin beautiful, clean, fresh and refreshing. Although the heat on the calendar ends, the heat does not really decrease in reality, and so we have appeared in the hot few tips to keep the skin bright. So that there is no problem keeping the beauty of the thirsty beauty. So it is necessary to prepare the skin for the summer. Find out how to prepare skin for this time.
Simple tips to keep skin brightness in SummerAvoid as much sunlight as possible from 11am to 3pm in the summer. Because at this time the sun’s heat becomes most intense. Also, the sunscreen should be applied to the whole face, and parts that may take sunshine 20 to 30 minutes before leaving the house during this season. If you are outside for a long time, you will need to apply sunscreen more than once a day.

Due to oily skin, oily and oily skin can cause the age-old strain to fall rapidly. The skin is a lot crouched. The microscopic skin of this nasty skin stays hidden in the outer dust and dirt in the fold of the skin and increases the problem of skin. As a result, black spots and spots appear in different parts of the body with our mouth. In addition to various skin problems in the winter and winter, water vapor in the weather, temperature, and air during the change of season is imbalanced. And so our skin tolerance or balance disturbed. As a result, there are many contractions on the skin. The skin bursts for a long time. Those who have allergic skin have skin irritants and skin problems. Another reason is that the problem of our skin increases. That’s the skin of the skin. Life means death, and so on our skin new cells are born and as well as skin cells die. It is important to keep an eye on the dead cells of the skin. Because, the dead cells and Allahabad together cause squeezing, scars and problems with the skin. Regardless of these types of problems, our body re-generates and maintains balance with different seasons with a tolerable level. And so we should take care of the skin. Now, there are some tips on how to keep your skin beautiful. Some examples of how you can take care of your skin by sitting in the house are given. You can choose for some fruits or vegetables in this season.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is the way to fix dirty skin. Vitamin C can eat with the doctor’s advice. Along with Vitamin C eat rich foods; Use products that have vitamin C skin. This will increase the skin’s brightness. There is plenty of water out there from the skin. So the skin loses moisture. Drink plenty of water in this climate.

Removal of dead skin of the skin: Remove the dead skin of the skin by using the scraps. Use a flexible scrap in this case. However, after using the scab, apply moisturizer. Stay moist: Keep the skin moist during this time. If the water becomes empty, the skin becomes dirty. Drink enough water for good skin. Use suncrest: Use suncrest during the summer. During this time there was problem of sunburn and skin bleaching.

Therefore, use the sunscreen when leaving home. Facelift: Facial helps to solve various problems of skin. For example, Black Head, Clagged Pors, etc. Besides, the facial skin is soft and clear. Change skin products: Change the product used during the winter in the summer of skin care. Apply water base to heat moisturizer and remove face oils.

Summer cold softer drinks are a great choice for many people. However, soft drinks contain plenty of sugar, which is harmful for both skin and health. In order to thirst for thirst, the habit of eating water, lemon juice, raw amaranth, coconut water or pure fruit juice will be created. In it, the body will get adequate water and keep the necessary moisture.

Cleansing the skin twice a day: While sitting at home all day, it is necessary to clean the skin twice a day in this season. It is very important to clean the skin before going to bed and use enough moisturizer. Take care of the feet: In the winter, we wear a tight shoes in the winter, but in the summer we wear a little open shoes. And most of the feet of this type of shoes are seen. So it is necessary to take the foot. Paddle the foot care. It will soften the skin of the feet.

In summer, there will be no sunlight on the skin, what happens! However, it is possible to get rid of sunglasses in domestic service. It is very useful to remove the masks of sunflower in a mix of flour, curd and a few drops of lemon juice. Lemon juice is a great way to brighten up the skin by removing sunburn.Drying papaya in warm summer skin. Mix two tablespoons of papaya bharta, one teaspoon of honey and one egg white part of the pack and wait 15 minutes. Drying will be washed. This pack will help to brighten the skin.

Keep the skin cool: Blend half a cucumber and one tablespoon of curd together. This pack will help to cool the skin. Waiting for 15 minutes after washing it on the skin will be washed. Neem leaves are known to all. It works as a great anti-bacterial component. If there is a rash on the skin, use neem leavespaste in the place and get good benefits.

Traditional use of sandal to keep the skin beautiful. But sandalwood does not only increase the brightness of the skin, but also helps prevent skin problems. Mix a spoon with a rounded sandalwood. Then use the combination on the skin. Use Hena leaves to get rid of skin scarring and rash. Honey leaves rich in anti-bacterial components are very beneficial for the skin. Apply yogurt to the skin. Think about what this is like. Yes, use sunflower if there is skin problems due to sunlight. Then, after drying it, clean the bath.

Apart from this, young women or women will avoid makeup as much as possible. Since nowadays, most girls use work groups and makeup, so you can take the makeup up before you can sleep at night and flatten your skin with flax-rich rose water. This will eliminate the fatigue of your skin throughout the day. Along with rupture, food should also be included in the food list. Vitamin Foods and Fresh Fruits Green vegetables must be eaten. To drink plenty of water. Need to sleep at least 7-8 hours per day. The skin does not matter whether it is black or not, but take regular care. Because there are many world-classed people who are black and white. So always keep in mind that clean, refreshing, healthy skin is a gentle, alluring, vibrant skin.

Honey helps to moisturize the skin and reduce various skin infections and acne. Keeping it in the mouth and throat for five to ten minutes, wash it with cold water. Face package can use honey Mix lemon juice and honey with the sandalwood mixture and keep it on your face and neck. After drying, wash it with cold water.Strawberries contain Vitamin C, Antioxidant and Exfoliates which help in the rug of your skin. Only strawberries can be put in the mouth with a paste, and mix it with the talk yogurt and honey. You will get back the skin brightness.

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