How to remove acne and black spots

Many people suffer from black stains in the face. Normally acne, after leaving the rash, leave such a black spot on the face skin. Needless to say that there is such a stain in the mouth that it looks awkward. The person who has such a stain, he may also suffer a little bit of humiliation during social gatherings. Fine treatment is free from acne and stains, but the drugs or creams used for them are expensive, as well as the fear of some side effects in the use of those drugs. Best of all, if such a black spot can be removed in a natural way.

The scar of acne or other spots, the black spots in your beautiful appearance are not fitting at all. The ugly black spots also make any beautiful face dirty. Many creams, parlor treatments are not working? Use this method to quickly remove the facial marks. Please do this little bit of ritual practice every night. Within a few days the stains of the mouth will start to mingle.

We will use lemon to remove facial marks. A little notice that all anti-spot fairness cream lemon is spoken. Because only one, Lemon acts as a natural bleach. However, the lemon should be done only at night, because the light of the sun can react to your skin. If there is no possibility of sun damage or sunlight due to rupture in the night, and the skin is getting 8-10 hours to remove the scars.
Actually lemon citric acid is very beneficial for the skin. It creates an invisible protective skin on the skin. The bacteria that act as the cause of acne or rash, also kill them, and remove the skin oiliness. As a result of the use of adrenaline juice regularly, it is possible to remove acne or rashes in the future, so the black spots on the face are reduced. According to the paper, the regular use of Patilubar juice will show a lot of shine in just seven days. So what’s more late, start today’s prospective domestic strategy of side-effects, and change it in a week yourself.

Mix two pots of nuts and one spoon dry orange lemon into the pudding and then apply the paste in the mouth. After keeping it for a while, wash it with water after drying it in the mouth. In a short time your spots of your mouth will be removed.

Mix pulses and mix the egg yolks in it. Dry this paste in the sun and keep it in the dew. Every night before bedtime, add 1 teaspoon of milk mixed with lemon juice and apply the face. After half an hour wash the face. The color of your face will become fuzzy.

The only element to keep skin good is water. The body’s toxin is released after drinking lots of water. There is no roughness. The skin remains fresh. Natural skin care is used in skin care. Eat more of liquid juices such as fruit juices, sharbat. Do not worry. If you want to remove the black mark of the face, mix the lemon juice in the milk syrup and apply the face. After a few minutes, wash your face with hot water.

Blow the orange peel and peel it. Grate the pulse and rice, and grind them well. Mix that mixture of sandalwood powder, mulantani soil, orange pea powder, and mix it well. You can also mix two tablespoons milk in this mixture. Wash after a few minutes after washing it. Apply this pack regularly. The brightness of the skin will increase. Acne scars will be removed.

Take four to five neem leaves and grind them thoroughly. Make a pack of Mlantani soil, a little rosemary mixed with a spoon. If the pack is dark, then mix it with rose water. Keep your mouth covered for a while. Wash the face with light water when the stomach drys in the mouth.

Make a paste by mixing 2 spoons of groundnut, 1 teaspoon raw yellow bowl, 1 teaspoon of orange peel and mix it together. Now wash it with your face, wash it after 15-20 minutes. It will remove the black spots on the face and the skin will shine.

There is no pair of sandalwood to remove the skin of the skin. You can also mix packs of sandalwood, glycerine, lemon juice and rose water together. This mixture has to wait till dry to dry on the skin. Then the kusum must be washed in hot water.

Bake apple and orange peel together, add 1 spoon milk, egg white and orange juice. Put the mixture in the skin 20 minutes and wash it. The black spots will be removed just by rubbing papaya pears.

To remove the black skin of the face, take a teaspoon of coriander leaves and mix a pinch of yellow powder with the juice of the leaves and keep it all night. Get up early in the morning and wash the face with cold water. Start using benefits for a few days.

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