Best Natural Beauty Tips for Face

When you hear the word ‘Beauty’, the image of a happy smiling face will float in front of the eyes. People who don’t want to be beautiful don’t seem to be on this planet. If you want bright, fresh, clean skin; it is very important to take care of the various aspects of skin care. If you want, your skin will be much brighter and clean than before.

Causes of skin damage: Sunlight, environmental pollution, health problems, dry skin, stress, Using unhygienic lifestyle and long-term use of skin creams, which can make your skin more black and damage due to the use of chemical based decoration materials. And we try a lot to brighten the color of this skin.
Now there are lots of skin whitening and brighter cream available in the market. But most products contain high levels of chemicals which are actually harming your skin. These products are also very expensive.

The most common and good method to get skin care and bright, beautiful skin is honey use. Take a sticky honey. Put on the face skin. Slowly message the circle. Use this way twice before morning and night before going to bed.
After two weeks you will see how bright your skin is and how to keep the golden color. But remember that here only honey is spoken, milk is not said to be mixed with honey.

You might already know Papa’s case. Yes, we all know the benefits of eating papaya. But it is also a blessing for your skin. It is used as a topical medicine. Do you know what is topical medicine? Topical medicine is what is used externally. As the papaya is used exclusively on skin care, papaya is a type of topical medicine.
Take a papaya. Exfoliate the shell. Make a paste as a thick paste. Apply the face. If you wish, you can put this paste in your arms or places that have been burnt to ashes in the sun. Keep it in 1 hour. If you are a busy person or have less time in your hand, keep doing other work while keeping the paste, or prepare to go to the office in the morning. Wash after 1 hour. Use this for at least 3 months. See the difference.

Though it sounds incredible, it is true. Take 1 table spoon of curd every morning. Face down It will not take more than 4 weeks to get your face skin white. If there is an acne, it will also be removed.
Those who have allergies in yogurt can use alternate methods. Such as:

Cucumbers are eaten as edible vegetables, as well as cooked in raw condition. The crab has the skin to sophistication. Good use of it as a less expensive vegetable is good advice for anyone.
There are all the ingredients in the cucumber that reduce the presence of melanin, preventing burning or copper from the skin. For these reasons, experts advised to use cucumber and also eat some portions. You can put it like paste or put it on its juice.

Lemon juice also gives amazing results for the skin. You can use it anytime, but you can put it several times a day for fast and good results. Lemon juice can be a bit like a light-weight blubber – but it is normal. So don’t think it’s side effects. Among the natural ingredients, there is no side-effect other than just yogurt.
Don’t think this side effects side by side. Among the natural ingredients, there is no side-effect other than just yogurt. Some people may have slight allergies in the diet. 1 lemon is enough at once. Apply 4 to 6 weeks regularly. See the differences in the mirror.

You must have heard of La Tomatina Festival. It is the only event in a village about 30 km from the Mediterranean region which is not anywhere else. People at this festival throws ripe tomatoes on each other. As a result of the destruction of the history, they threw a tomato on the eve of protest. But the funny thing is that people whose face is coming to the tomatoes are very strong, they get a very strong feeling, although some get little pain. People here use regular tomatoes to keep skin alive.
Within a few days of this festival, people who regularly use tomatoes to keep themselves fresh, their skin becomes more beautiful. Since then, tomato has been used in many parts of the world as a form of artificial materials. Take 1 tomatoes and pour the juice out of the chestnuts. Use it every day for at least 6 months.

Potatoes are used more than other ingredients, such as skin whitening, to avoid black spots on the face skin. When the skin of the sun burns, the black spots fall.
And to remove that black spot, potato is the only functional material in comparison to any other item in the world.

Get out of the house from the outside and wash the mouth with the water of green coconut as soon as possible. This will remove sunburn or sunburn burns on the skin.
Give you calmness and refreshing feeling. If you want, you can put on the face of coconut’s inside jelly or cream. The skin color will be normal as well as the skin acne away.

The egg is one of the best home-readymade to protect the beauty of the skin. Make a paste of yummy pods in 1 bowl without egg’s whites.
Mix well with 1 spoon of honey and 1 spoon of yogurt. Like face packs, apply the whole face. Let it dry. Then wash it with cold water. Use this daily for 2 to 3 months and see the results.

At least three times in the summer, rub the face of the watermelon.
Black spots burned in the sun will be removed. But use it carefully. If there is any kind of reaction, stop using it immediately.

Saffron with milk:
If you do not have any difficulty in spending a little money to protect the beauty of the skin, then milk and saffron can be used. Although saffron is currently a very expensive element. Take 250 ml of milk. Mix some saffron well and mix well. Apply the same face to the entire skin without making any kind of messaging. Stay so short. Saffron mixed milk can eat as well as use it. This will get better results. Several studies have found that milk and saffron use together as a result of skin becoming rusty and pink. Women, especially those who want to have pink skin just like children’s skin, are specially advised to use milk and saffron together.

Aloe vera:
Aloe vera leaves benefit will not be finished by describing in words. Aloe vera Gel removes pigmentation on your skin and helps keep skin on normal color. And if the pigmentation system is too much, the skin becomes uneven.

The last item is sandalwood. 1 pinch of sandalwood paste can make your dream true. Use the sandal paste as a ‘paste package’ for 30 days continuously. And get amazing results. And it seems that Sandal Soaps are so popular.

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