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Many people worry about acne. Acne Problems People of all age group have seen skin. However, acne is particularly the most common in teenager skin. The beauty of acne skin is naturally spoiled. The worst is when acne scars remain on our skin. Generally, the bronze wounds are scarred through the hands. Skin scars on the skin can not be easily prevented. But the marks can be cured by natural means. But this is a long time.

Acne damages the brightness and beauty of the skin. And there is no substitute for the skin damage. If the skin of our skin is attacked by bacteria, its shape increases, then the pus is stored in it, which gradually forms the acne. Many people use cosmetics to remove acne scars. Black spots caused by acne scars or any other cause of your face may also make your beautiful face dirty. Find out how to remove black spots on your face and make your face bright. The color of your face will start reducing the stains of the face or the spots on your face in the form of a little silver roses every night.
Best Effective AcneTreatmentNormal or oily skin: If your skin is normal or oily, then you have to do just one 5 minutes of work. Clear the face very well. Wash the mouth with a towel and wash it with towel. Freshly tanned lemon juice (which is yellow in color, lemon) can be applied directly to black spots. Take a little honey / sugar with lemon juice. Apply lemon juice and then dry it. Take a lemon juice in the mouth and read it. There will be no problem with normal or oily skin. In the morning, you will remove the face with cold water. Feeling uncomfortable after giving lemon juice to the skin, then quickly wash your face and do not use it again.

Dry or sensitive skin: If your skin is dry or sensitive, you will need 30 minutes. Clear the face very well. Wash the mouth with a towel and wash it with towel. If your skin is dry or sensitive. Then mix banana lemon juice (the lemon is yellow, namely lemon) with a bowl and mix honey and honey. Wash this mixture and keep it dry after 30 minutes. Then after 30 minutes you will remove the face with cold water. Regular use of your skin will be black spots. However, the lemon will be made only at night. Because the light of the sun can react to your skin. During the night, the sun-light or sunlight will not affect the skin due to this process of lemon. And the skin is getting 8-10 hours to remove black spots on your face.

Acne scars that have created many wounds on the skin, they can use sugar to prevent stains. Because sugar has glycolic acid and AHA elements that help prevent dead skin cells and create new cells. Take quantity of sugar and add little olive oil and lemon juice to make paste. Then massage the skin. After 10/15 minutes wash it. Use this sugar paste on skin 2/3 times a week to get good results. But do not forget to put the moisture after cleaning the skin.

Vitamin E Capsule: Vitamin E is the easiest way to prevent acne scars. Vitamin ‘E’ works well to cure acne scars. Use Vitamin E Capsule skin as a moisturizer every day. Vitamin E capsules prevent acne in the skin by blocking the scars of the skin.

Potato: Potatoes are full of various types of nutrition and mineral. And this potato is good for both body and skin. Use potato juice to remove acne scar from the skin. Slice a potato and slice it, then keep it straight on the scar of the skin. Blush the potatoes and massage the skin with juice from the blender and wait for 15 minutes on the juice of potato juice to get better results, then wash your face with hot water. Use this type of alcohol every day on the skin to get good results.

Acne problems arise due to excess oil oil in the skin. To get rid of this problem, you can paste the moisture soil water with the face. Mullanati soil helps to stop excess oil secretion of the skin. Raspberry juice is very effective in reducing lubrication. Every day, you can clean your mouth with ribs from the outside.

Apple and honey are the most popular domestic methods to remove Acne Scars. First make apple paste and add 4-6 drops of honey. After mixing the mixture, wait for a while and then mouth will be washed with cold water. It retains skin tone and gives color to light. It can be used 5-6 times a week.

Dry orange peel: Grate the pulse and rice, and grind them well. Mix that mixture of sandalwood powder, mulantani soil, orange pea powder, and mix it well. You can also mix two tablespoons milk in this mixture. Wash after a few minutes after washing it. Apply this pack regularly. Skin gels grow. Acne scars will be removed. Since the winter is coming, you can use light warm water this winter.

Yellow and lemon pack: Take one teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix one teaspoon yellow with it. You can use raw yellow or turmeric if you want. Now mix these two ingredients well. Now wash the face thoroughly with the face face and apply the face all over the face. After 20 minutes, wash face with normal water. Then apply moisturizing cream or lace. Do not go to the oven after planting the pack. The yellow and lemon two components are photostatic components so try to put the pack before sleeping at night. It will remove redness, pores, acne cures and rays in your skin, very effective. Take two weeks to stretch. After that you can continue to pack. Because it will increase the brightness of your skin greatly. After three days of planting, you can understand the change and your skin will feel better.

Egg white and lemon juice: Take the white part of an egg. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with it. Mix well. Now it is equal to the face. Dry the day to dry completely. When you wash your face with water then pull it down. Keep in mind that the mouth can not be left out. The face will be bright, tilted, the pores will be small, the holes are gone. Apply it for 3-4 days a week. However, remember that after washing any pack, the face is washed with lots of water. Then there is no possibility of going from the mouth. The face is well clean. There are many people who do not feel like sunblocks. But to keep skin good, it is very important to use regular sunblocks to prevent skin aging, aging in the skin.

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